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an event involving competitions and displays in various equestrian sports such as showjumping and dressage.
First Known Use: 1813
BELOW IS THE CURRENT COGGINS LISTING AS OF March 14, 2018. It is your responsibility to keep your coggins on file up to date.  Please EMAIL them to the show secretary.  Once your coggins is on file, you will be "legal" for FRC shows the entire time the coggins is valid, and you do not need to send them in for each show.  If you don't see your horse on the list, but you think you sent it, remember to check under their alternative (show or barn) name.
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Coggins current as of March 14, 2018


FRC shows are a great way to practice your skills, tune up before a recognized show, or just get out with your horse to have fun.  They are unrecognized, laid-back, and easy on the pocketbook. CLICK HERE to go the the Show Rules page

All shows count towards FRC's year end awards program, so be sure to join FRC before the first show so your points will count! CLICK HERE to go to the Year End Awards Page


Cathy Schwartz, Show Secretary

810 Greenwood Road

Landrum, SC  29356

Foothills Riding Club


Cathy Schwartz:  (828) 337-8350

email: smokeyhollowfarm@windstream.net  



March 3 

Dressage & Combined Test at FENCE



March 4 

XC Schooling at FENCE



March 24 

Dressage & Combined Test at FENCE 

**Closing Date is March 17th.  Send entries in early, as our shows usually fill up before closing date!! Hard copies must be in secretary's hand by this date, no email entries accepted.**

     ENTRY FORM                                       RIDE TIMES         JUMP TIMES


May 5 

Dressage & Combined Test at FENCE 

     ENTRY  FORM                                       RESULTS


July 14

 "Beat the Heat" Dressage only at FENCE     ***BENEFIT FOR FENCE***

      ENTRY FORM                                       RESULTS


Sept 8  

Dressage & Combined Test at FENCE 

     ENTRY FORM                                            RESULTS


Oct 13 

Dressage ONLY at Harmon Field

     ENTRY FORM                                            RESULTS


Sept 17th 

Dressage and Combined Test at FENCE

     ENTRY FORM                                         RESULTS

no email entries accepted!