Our mission is to provide a fun and safe showing experience for “lower level” riders, green horses, people tuning up their horses and for people who want to practice in a show atmosphere before entering a “recognized” show.

For the most part we will follow the official rules. The exceptions we make are for additional safety requirements (safety helmets, elimination after any fall), for the added protection of the horse (allowing protective wraps on horses while in the show ring) and to give the competitor a lower cost way to show (letting a competitor continue on after a phase elimination--AFTER getting permission, a loosening of the dress requirements for the rider). Those who ride with equipment that is not allowed in a rated show (draw reins, certain bits, etc.) may ride in our show but must ride HC (hors concours – which is a fancy way of saying “out of the competition”).

Entering the show:
Every show has a closing date and to be a “good” entrant you need to have your entry in by the closing date or you will be subject to a late fee or not being able to get into the show at all if it is filled. FRC has a very generous policy compared to other shows…if you cancel before the closing date we tear up your check without any penalty or office fee charged. Competitors who wait until the last day to enter may not get their entry into us on time due to mail delays or a holiday delay and we may cancel the show due to low entries even though yours is in the mail or you “meant to enter."

If your entry is accepted you will forfeit your entry fee if you cancel after the closing date. There is no office fee for cancellations and you will get your stabling or trailer-in fee refunded. If you are a “no show” on the day of the show you will forfeit your entire fee (all fees).

If you cancel after the closing date we will try to fill your spot (must be exact test—can’t fill an Intro B with a 1st level test!) and you will get all of your money refunded. So, the sooner you let us know the better chance we have of filling your spot.

If your entry is accepted over the phone or via email you are officially entered and you will owe the entry fee if you cancel after the closing date or don’t show up. We have planned on your entry to pay our expenses and we sometimes have people on a waiting list who could have taken your place.

Horse and Rider Bits - For schooling shows formal bit checking is not necessary. A glance at each horse's equipment should reveal anything illegal for that particular event or class (i.e.: twisted wire or long shanks, western bits). If there is a discrepancy a Technical Delegate (or judge) may review a rulebook to clear up any questions.

- Anyone riding a Third Level (or above) dressage test, and/or horses in the intermediate or above level combined tests may be wearing a double bridle. EVERYONE ELSE SHOULD BE IN A SNAFFLE BRIDLE. A bridle may be inspected immediately after, and if found to be illegal, the competitor is eliminated.

- Since we are schooling we are allowing competitors a little leeway in what the horse can wear in the warm-up and the competition ring. In a recognized event the following equipment is permitted in WARM-UP ONLY: martingales with appropriate rein stops, bit guards, training tools/gadgets, fly shields, nose covers, and seat covers. These must be removed before the competitor enters the competition ring – HOWEVER, for our shows we allow boots and wraps in the competition ring (this is done to help avoid injury due to an overexcited horse at his first shows).

Spurs - Smooth metal, shanks no longer than 1 3/8 inches, blunt ends, ends of spurs pointed downward, and no rowels. Swan necks are allowed. "Spurs capable of wounding a horse are forbidden."

Whips - One whip no longer than 120cm (47”) including lash may be carried when riding on the flat at anytime in or out of the competition arena.

Other gadgets/training aids (i.e. draw reins, “illegal” bits, martingales, tie downs, bitless bridles, Mom leading the pony through the test, etc) - require permission from the show organizer and the competitor must ride HC.

Braiding is not required at USEF shoes and thus not required at FRC shows.

NUMBERS MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES WHEN THE HORSE IS ON THE SHOWGROUNDS. There must be a number on every horse except the ones in trailers or stalls. Even if someone’s just leading a horse around, it needs a number on the halter in case it comes flying past the Show Office without “Mom”. This also indicates that the Show Management has seen a good Coggins report and they have paid the grounds fee.

Rider attire:
Dress code - Breeches and boots are strongly preferred; half chaps are allowed. Shoes must have heels. Coats are optional but everyone rides better in a coat! Polo shirt is recommended if riding without a coat but the only real requirement is that you wear clothes. Gloves are optional. If a participant is formally dressed for dressage with coat and stock tie, one must wear the jacket in the competition.

Helmets – ASTM approved protective headgear is required for EVERYONE-ON A HORSE (Dressage, jumping or just hacking around). NO EXCEPTIONS. Failure to wear a hard hat shall be penalized by elimination, at the discretion of the Technical Delegate or show organizer. Derbies or western hats are NOT allowed no matter what level or how wonderful a rider you are!

Getting to the show ring:
It is your responsibility to get yourselves to the Judge in good order and to the right ring on time. We have ring stewards who will aid you by checking you in and reminding you to go to your ring but sometimes they are busy with a fall or someone having a meltdown so don’t count on them to babysit you. If you are more than 2 minutes late for your start time you will forfeit your ride time and you will need to confer with the show secretary to see if you can be fit in. You will NOT be allowed to ride if it will delay the pinning of the class as originally scheduled; the show secretary may let you ride but it will be HC.

A very important part of a schooling show is to learn to get to your ring on time and for you to learn how much time you and your horse need to get there and warm up without delaying the show schedule. If the riders before you have scratched you may be asked if you want to rider earlier than your rider time –BUT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO. You decide. The judge probably welcomes a little extra break!

Falls: If a competitor falls and is "apparently injured or concussed, such that they cannot immediately resume riding" they MUST BE EXAMINED BY MEDICAL PERSONNEL. The ring steward is to call the office for instructions.

FRC special rule: Fall of horse or rider is automatic elimination – even if a competitor falls during the warm-up they are automatically eliminated from that phase of the competition. They may petition the Safety Coordinator (or whoever is designated as such for that show) for an exception. The Show Safety Coordinator will evaluate every competitor that falls in order to determine if they are fit to continue. If a rider falls a second time they are eliminated. If it is determined that the horse and rider are fit to continue and the fall was due to an exceptional circumstance (such as tripping over a root or a saddle slipping) and not due to a horse too excited to safely continue then the Safety Coordinator may give permission for them to continue.

The show organizer will let you know when you may school in the rings. You may never school in the jump ring or the Cross Country course prior to the show. You may school in the dressage rings the day before the show (except for the October Horse Trial) at the time specified by show management (this will be sent to you via email conformation of your entry or posted on the website). You may not school on the grounds earlier than the opening of the show office on the day before the show. Two reasons: first, our insurance does not cover us and second, we must pay an additional fee for the use of the facility. If you are observed schooling on the grounds prior to the official “opening time” you will be fined $50.

If you are found schooling after they are closed you will be fined $50. We generally have a jump ring with jumps for schooling your horse. A suggested course is set up to simulate the show experience but it is not mandatory for you to jump all the jumps but it is mandatory for you to jump them from the correct direction (red flag on your right).

The jump ring is not for a “lesson” with your trainer – for instance, jumping without stirrups or with arms outstretched is something your trainer may have you do at home but NOT at the show grounds. We are dedicated to providing a safe schooling show and this adds an element of risk that we do not want to have in our shows. Practice this at home, not at the show grounds. Your trainer may enter the ring to help you get over a jump your horse is refusing. However, this will be for a limited time if there are other riders waiting for their turn in the jump ring. You will be excused and may go another round or two if there is time (don’t forget that you will be paying for the additional rounds!).

Lunging is not allowed in the warm-up arenas. At each show facility there will be designed lunging areas. Ask management or the ring stewards and they will direct you to those areas.

Odds and ends:
Generally, the show office will open by 3:00 pm the day before the show and schooling in the dressage rings will be allowed until the facility drags and waters the rings for the competition. After they are closed you may continue to school in the warm-up arenas and you may walk around the outside of the perimeter fence of the dressage rings.

Our fees are the lowest we can make them and still be solvent enough to continue to put on the shows so it is important that we are good stewards of the facility so that we don’t incur additional costs. Please don’t “trash the place”, put your trash and manure in the designated areas. Don’t use stalls without paying for their use – this affects everyone who will be paying the increased fees needed to cover additional cleaning costs we get charged.

We want you to have a safe time and enjoy yourselves…and remember to thank the volunteers because without them there would be no show!