FRC puts on many varied events during the year, from shows, to clnics, seminars, clinics, community service, hunter pace and more. On this page we want to showcase all we do!

Educational Seminars


Hunter Pace @ Circle Z Farm

Due to COPIOUS amounts of rain our Hunter Pace had to be cancelled this year.

The trails for the Hunter Pace at Circle Z Farm are nothing short of impressive, and receive great reviews from competitors. The course is wide, tall and well-marked so teams can ride side by side if they want, which is always more fun on a pace! The trail’s design allows riders to see the farm’s crystal-clear pond from several perspectives and a great view of Hogback Mountain. The trails wind around the property, through the woods bordering Chestnut Ridge Heritage Preserve, by the old cross country field, ending  with a fun water-crossing over the South Pacolet River before finishing the course. The farm earned the name "Circle Z' because in the spring it is so green and lush that is resembles the Emerald City of Oz!

Foothills Riding Club

Besides beautiful views, the trails also have a rich history behind them.  As the story goes, Hogback Mountain, which is west of the pond at Circle Z Farm, was once used as a practice target for artillery troops during WW1.  There were bunkers constructed into the side of the hills on Circle Z Farm, from which soldiers practiced shooting before they left for war.  When the bunkers were filled in after the war, they became riding trails for local fox hunts and hunter paces. 

The FRC is excited to continue this tradition and we look forward to the next Hunter Pace at Circle Z Farm.  A huge shout out and thank-you to our hosts, the Zordans, and our wonderful volunteers who help clear the trails and make this whole event possible!  Foothills Mountain BBQ provids the riders with amazing meals. Many thanks to the Western Carolina Hunter Pace Series for partnering with FRC and helping to promote our Hunter Pace!
2020 Seminar LIneup 
Due to COVID restrictions and the safety of our community, FRC Board has decided to POSTPONE all IN-PERSON seminars until further notice.
All seminars are held at the FENCE House, 3381 Hunting Country Road, Tryon NC 28782.
Anyone wanting more information can contact FRC Educational Chair Natalie Bacon at
Anyone want more information?  Contact FRC Clinic Chair Rachel Bradley thru FRC at

Clean-up Date           Rain Date

November 7, 2020              November 14

FRC Adopt-A-Road Program

Foothills Riding Club has adopted Moore Road in the Green Creek area as another way for the club to give back to the community.
Join us November 7, 2020 
for  Road Clean-up Day!
Details of times and
where to meet will be
posted here as well as our
FaceBook page!