FRC puts on many varied events during the year, from shows, to clnics, seminars, clinics, community service, hunter pace and more. On this page we want to showcase all we do!

Educational Seminars


Hunter Pace @ Circle Z Farm

On Saturday February 3, 2018 Foothills Riding Club partnered with the Western North Carolina Hunter Pace Series to host their inaugural Hunter Pace at Circle Z Farm in Landrum, South Carolina. There were just over 60 riders in attendance, traveling from as far as Charlotte, NC and Greenwood , SC. Riders were ready to go at 9:00 am and groups continued to arrive steadily throughout the day. No one let the chilly weather get in their way.

The trails for the Hunter Pace at Circle Z Farm were nothing short of impressive, and received great reviews from competitors. The course was wide, tall and well-marked so teams could ride side by side if they wanted, which is always more fun on a pace! The trail’s design allowed riders to see the farm’s crystal-clear pond from several perspectives and a great view of Hogback Mountain. The trails wound around the property, through the woods bordering  Chestnut Ridge Heritage Preserve, by the old cross country field, ending  with a fun water-crossing over the South Pacolet River before finishing the course. Participants 

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FRC is happy to announce that that we are hosting a Ride-A-Test with Jodi Lees on Saturday August 18th at Red Gate Farm in Columbus, NC.
Jodi Lees is a USEF licensed “S” dressage judge, an FEI rider and a trainer/instructor living in Campobello, SC.  She has earned the USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medals plus numerous riding awards and performance certificates.   She and her husband own a 30 acre facility named River’s Edge Farms where she trains and instructs. Jodi instructs at a number of regular clinics and welcomes teaching new clinic and educational opportunities.  For more information on Jodi, visit her website at or  She has a personal page and two business pages on Facebook.

Riders will be given the opportunity to ride the test of their choice in front of Jodi and have it scribed/scored. For the remainder of the 30 min time slot each rider will have a one-on-one mini-lesson with Jodi focusing on the weaknesses of the test. This is a fantastic opportunity for riders of ANY level.
All Questions should be directed to Kailey Beck (440) 708-8316 or email

FRC members : $55 ($25 of club bucks)
Non-members : $65
Auditors: $15

April is Trailer Safety Month!

This month’s educational seminar covered trailer safely with an emphasis on horse trailer repair and maintenance from coupler to ramp. Proper hook ups, lighting options, emergency brake away systems, proper tire inflation, and what needs to be inspected yearly, a display of lights and a working electrical braking system were all covered. Additionally a hand out was available but not enough to go around, so here is a downloadable pdf CLICK HERE

About our presenter, Jim Zygmont: After 4 years in the Air Force, Jim took the reins from his father and took over the family service station, running it successfully for over 30 years. He then continued repairing horse trailers as a mobile business. After moving to Tryon, he continues to offer this service as  See Horse Trailer Repairs, LLC
All donations went to Lennie's Kids, a 501c3 organization that helps sick animals in the Polk County area of NC.
March Dentristry in the Horse
Close to 50 people attended the 2nd Educational Seminar of 2018. Presented by Dr. Jamie Ashbrook, she discussed the role of dentistry for our horses and what it really means when applied in real life situations. We all know that we should get our horse's teeth floated every year, but equine    dentistry
                                                really encompasses so much more. By
                                                definition Equine Dentristry is the diagnosis and
                                                treatment of aliments affecting a horse's mouth,
                                                teeth and head, including the sinuses. Dental helath
                                                complications can affect a horse's entire body, and
                                                are often over-looked when trying to decipher how
                                               and why your horse is hurting.
The anatomy of the equine tooth was discussed to help participants better understand which parts will contribute to certain problems and overall dental health. Participants viewed a variety of photos of different types of edges and hooks as well as other dental anomalies. Dr. Ashbrook provided great visuals of the mouth and what is and is not normal, as well recognizing exhibited behaviours, stressing early detection is key!
Discussion closed with an examination of how
attitudes have changed around equine dental work,
similar to most aspects of horse health care! 
Member raffle winner was Johanna Meek and
local non-profit TROT was the recipient of $266....
Dr. Ashbrook donated $100 presenter's honorarium and members raised $83 



February Hoof Health & Laminitis Seminar

Dr. Bibi Freer and farrier Jeff Pauley will share information on horse and hoof care on February 21 including laminitis prevention. Dr Freer and Mr Pauley will discuss how to evaluate a healthy foot and how to recognize problems in horse's hooves early, in order to increase the likelihood of a positive outcome. Laminitis can be devastating emotionally and expensive to manage. Come join a discussion with a veterinarian and farrier to learn how to avoid this condition.
About Dr Freer: 
Dr. Freer graduated from North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1988. After working at a large referral equine hospital in Apex North Carolina for almost 2 years, Dr Freer moved to Polk County to run her own solo ambulatory equine practice. Dr. Freer has a passion for a positive and enthusiastic working relationship with farriers to better serve her patients and clients. 

About Jeff Pauley: 
Jeff Pauley’s education includes both an Associates degree in Mechanical Engineering and a B.S. in Manufacturing Engineering. Jeff worked at Rockwell International for 14 years. In 1989 Jeff Pauley attended Alvin Richardson’s Horseshoeing School for 10 weeks while working his day job at Rockwell. In 1991, he took a leave of absence from Rockwell to enroll in a six week course at Kentucky Horseshoeing School. Jeff started out shoeing part-time and finally took the plunge shoeing full time in 2001. Jeff is a competitor with the World Championship Blacksmith group as well as the American Farriers Association. In addition, Jeff has recently taken and passed the United Kingdom’s AWCF test. Jeff strongly believes in giving back to the industry that he loves and has served as an AFA Board of Director as well as an AFA tester. He has also been the USA Team Farrier for the World Equestrian Games in both 2006 and 2010. He was the USA Team Farrier for World Endurance Championships in 2008."

Foothills Riding Club

hacked paths lined with native rhododendron and mountain laurel, passed multiple waterfalls, and even got to visit with a friendly pair of Boer goats on their way.  

The farm earned the name, ‘Circle Z,’ because in the spring it is so green and lush that it resembles the Emerald City of Oz.  Besides beautiful views, the trails also have a rich history behind them.  As the story goes, Hogback Mountain, which is west of the pond at Circle Z Farm, was once used as a practice target for artillery troops during WW1.  There were bunkers constructed into the side of the hills on Circle Z Farm, from which soldiers practiced shooting before they left for war.  When the bunkers were filled in after the war, they became riding trails for local fox hunts and hunter paces. 

The FRC is excited to continue this tradition and we look forward to the next Hunter Pace at Circle Z Farm.  A huge shout out and thank-you to our hosts, the Zordans, and our wonderful volunteers who helped clear the trails and make this whole event possible!  Foothills Mountain BBQ provided the riders with amazing meals. Many thanks to the Western Carolina Hunter Pace Series for partnering with FRC and helping to promote our inaugural Hunter Pace, without whom the day could not have been such a success.  Congratulations to the winning teams in each division: Marcia Hedrick & Richard Neal placed first in the Field Hunt division, and Boots Plyler & Cheryl Thorpe won the Trail Rider Division.

FRC Sponsors Harmon Field Gravel

If you have ever shown at, or volunteered at, or spectated at Harmon Field and it has been raining, then you are familiar with The Swamp aka The Lake in front of the show office.....well, NO MORE!

This March FRC purchased
a load of gravel to be
spread in front of the
show office. FRC Board
Member Hatsie Goodrich
coordinated efforts
between Lewis Pack of
Harmon Field and Hyder
Construction to get the
ground in front of the 
show office graded & the
gravel spread.   This exemplifies yet another way the Foothills Riding club reaches out to help make improvements within our community.  

FRC Adopts-A-Road

Foothills Riding Club has adopted Moore Road in the Green Creek area as another way for the club to give back to the community.
Join us on May 12 for our
next clean-up day.
We will meet at 10 a.m. at
Re-Ride Used Tack Store
6431 NC-9 Suite 5
Columbus, NC
We will carpool to Moore Rd
a short distance away.