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March 25 Dressage & CT @ FENCE

March 26 XC Schooling @ FENCE

May 20 Dressage & CT @ FENCE

July 15 Dressage only @ FENCE

September 2 Dressage & CT @ FENCE

September 3 XC Schooling @ FENCE

November 4 Dressage & CT @ FENCE

Foothills Riding Club


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Saddle Fit for your Equine Partner
Yoga Specifically for Riders
SEPTEMBER 2020   ONLINE!   EquiZen for Horses 
OCTOBER 2020    ONLINE!     How to Pull A Shoe!
NOVEMBER 2020 ONLINE!     EquiZen & Seasonal Allergies
Yoga at The Treehouse with Lori Corda   :
Registered Yoga Teacher, IM=X Pilates, AFAA, AIFE   
YouTube link for a 30 minute yoga class with Lori @ Yoga at The Treehouse
We hope you will enjoy this online Yoga class SPECIFICALLY FOR RIDERS, whether your interests are Trail Riding, Dressage, H/J, Western or simply “armchair coaching”.
EquiZen Holistic Horse Therapies
Learn how the modalities of Acupressure & Massage Therapy work to relieve pain, prevent illness 
and maintain your horse's comfort by watching Nicole's twelve minute Educational video... 
                    For an appointment with Nicole,
                    Phone 864-276-8536
Nicole Watts, CAAMT, CVT
An Internationally Renowned Expert in the field of Holistic Animal Wellness and Natural Performance Enhancement Therapies, Nicole is a Certified Animal Acupressure & Massage Therapist offering  acupressure and massage therapy for horses.  
How to Pull A Shoe....your horse's not your own!
Creased Nail Pullers (left)
Pull Offs (rt)
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Our Education Seminar Coordinator is Edith Cahoon.
If you have a topic that you would like to see explored, please contact
Edith at   so she can explore that idea!

Jill Briggs Blitzer of Stay Fit Equine, LLC, demonstrates the basics of saddle fitting in this online saddle fitting seminar. 
Dental  Work for your horse!

Educational Seminars

Curious how your horse's head looks under all that skin and hair? Just how all those teeth grow and what to watch for when things seem wrong?
Dr. Miller Thornbury, of Hunt Country Equine, explains equine dentistry with a first hand look into a routine tooth exam and float.
Follow this link to our Channel....
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A lifelong horsewoman, Jill has Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology from Purdue University, and Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of South Carolina. She is a graduate of the School of Saddle Fitting and Flocking, and the School of Equine Massage/Muscle Therapy where she studied under Master Saddle Fitter and Equine Massage Therapist, Mike Scott. Jill is contracted by Saddlery Dresch to fit, service, and design their bespoke saddles.
A ack.......We have all had that sick feeling in the pit of our tummies of going to get our trusty steed from their pasture or stall and notice that they have smeared one of their shoes sideways on the hoof, often times with the clip shoved into the white line. 
WHAT TO DO!!!  Of course we want our farrier or vet to magically appear before our eyes, but the reality is they are tied up on previous appointments and cannot drop everything to come to our rescue.
The Solution????  Master Farrier Sean Gaul and his assistant Chaise Cantrell have put together a quick informative video detailing how to pull a shoe and the tools you will need!
Stuff We've Done
Review all the changes to the 2022 USEA Eventing Dressage Tests Starter - Training with "r" judge  Valerie Swygert of Aiken SC.
Valerie joined a Live Zoom Webinar on FRC Facebook to review the changes to the USEA Eventing tests. Questions were submitted and answered and many more insights shared! Be sure to watch this!!!
New 2022 USEA Dressage Tests Webinar
3rd Annual Hunter Pace @ Circle Z Farm
Sunday March 20, 2022 the Foothills Riding Club welcomed 110 riders to our third hunter pace at beautiful Circle Z Farm in Landrum SC!   The weather was picture perfect spring day, and riders encountered impeccibly groomed wooded trails, with
some fields, and some steep grades, most trails are wide and open, with some bridge crossings, and one water crossing, jumps optional.  Mountain View BBQ provided sustenance. For photos go to

February has floated into view!!!  Hopefully we will see a bit less rain and more favorable riding conditions!
Speaking of riding conditions.... Our first show of the year Opens February 4
                                                           Our first Clinic of the year is March 11 - Dressage Fix-A-Test with Jennifer Roth
                                                           Our Hunter Pace is March 12 @ Circle Z Ranch in Landrum
                                                            Our first Show of the year is March 25
Educational Seminars in-person begin February 16 with the on-trend topic of Thoracic Sling presented by Grace Buchannon DVM!
All activites listed in detail below....exception being shows, go to our Shows Page 
 Dressage Fix_A_Test
Mark your calendars  Sunday March 12, 2023!     Rain Date Sunday March 19
Once again FRC is fortunate to be able to host our Western Carolina Hunter Pace at the Zordan's gorgeous
Circle Z Ranch   1550 Oak Grove Rd.   Landrum SC  29356

Registration Desk Opens: 8:30 am-1:45 pm

Ride times start: 9:00 am-2:00 pm

Organizer: Foothills Riding Club (

Questions or more information:

Day of Hunter Pace Contact:


Divisions: Field Hunter and Trail Rider

Entry Fee: $40 for riders (lunch included), $30 for current FRC members & Junior riders (under 16), $10 lunch for non-riders. Lunch from 11:00 am-2:00 pm.

FRC members may pay with club bucks.


Bring a hard copy of your Coggins or picture of your Coggins on your phone—internet is not always available on grounds at check-in.

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The Foothills Riding Club would like to welcome you to our fourth annual hunter pace. Trails are mainly wooded trails, with some fields and some steep grades. Most trails are wide and open, with some bridge crossings, a short time on a road, and at least one water crossing. All jumps are optional.
Parking will be very limited and we encourage you trailer-carpool when possible. Enter at main gate and PLEASE follow parking attendant volunteers to assist with maximizing our capacity for the day.
PLEASE OBSERVE COURTEOUS TRAIL ETIQUETTE. When passing—please walk when approaching and departing a slower group, and give adequate distance before resuming a faster pace. Communication is KEY! Many people bring young or green horses that can get rattled by the commotion and excitement, and we wish all riders to have pleasant rides, no matter what pace they ride.
 Hunter Pace

Fix-a-Test with USEF ‘S’ Dressage Judge Jennifer Roth

Saturday, March 11, 2023
FENCE Covered Arena

$70 for FRC Members
$80 for Non-members
$20 Audit Fee

Each rider will ride their test of choice,

receive feedback from Jennifer,

and re-ride selected movements. (25min slots)

Jennifer Roth is an accomplished rider, trainer, and instructor with more than 45 years experience teaching the art of classical and competitive dressage. Jennifer's passion for dressage is demonstrated in her insightful and innovative teaching style, which is based on classical principles and influenced by the years she has spent training with some of the world’s most renowned dressage trainers. Jennifer has competed numerous horses to USDF championships, and Horse of the Year awards at both national and FEI levels. From longe lessons to work in-hand, starting horses and children, to helping event riders improve their dressage and dressage riders achieve their goals at the highest level of the sport, Jennifer is passionate about helping riders achieve harmony with their beloved horses!

All Seminars will be held at FENCE House   3381 Hunting Country Rd, Tryon NC
6:30 pm Food & Social     
7:00 pm Presentation Begins
February 16, 2023
The Thoracic Sling Explained
Presented by Grace Buchannon DVM of hunt Country Mobile         -
     balance, posture, muscle mobility, spinal issues & more!