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Educational Seminars 2020

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SEPTEMBER 5 (Stay tuned....)


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Yoga Specifically for Riders
JULY 2020 Yoga for Riders
AUGUST 2020 Holistic animal wellness
SEPTEMBER 2020   Timely products for your farm
Yoga at The Treehouse with Lori Corda
       : Registered Yoga Teacher, IM=X Pilates, AFAA, AIFE
In an effort to be mindful of COVID restrictions, FRC has suspended seminars and clinics since March 2020. The Board has been thinking of ways that FRC can still serve our community, so we are excited to present our first Online Education Seminar!  FRC has partnered with Yoga at The Treehouse to invent a new way of reaching out to the Foothills Horse Community.  We hope you will enjoy this online Yoga class SPECIFICALLY FOR RIDERS, whether your interests are Trail Riding, Dressage, H/J, Western or simply “armchair coaching”.
Click this YouTube link for a 30 minute yoga class with Lori @ Yoga at The Treehouse
Practice Yoga on YOUR Schedule!!!  Now offering Live Streaming and On-Demand Online Classes for $10  Visit Lori at her website or email Lori for details about classes offered and how you can sign up for online yoga classes!
Adopt-A-Road Program - All Dates Subject to Change
Foothills Riding Club has adopted Moore Road in the Green Creek area as another way for the club to give back to the community.
Details of times and where to meet will be posted here as well as our FaceBook page!

We are going forward with our July Dressage Show at FENCE. Entries are very limited and there are other restrictions. Please go to the show page for details.
Everyone stay safe and spend lots of time with your ponies!!

We are super excited to present our FIRST EVER Online Educational Seminar! The month of July is all about body wellness (strength and stretching) for riders of every shape, size & discipline! SEE BELOW for details!!

All LIVE seminars are postponed for now HOWEVER we are venturing into Online Seminars. See 'News' Below.....

Sneak Peek at future topics....

Lori is a Registered Yoga Teacher through The Yoga Alliance, holds a Yoga Teacher Certification from the Anusara School of Yoga, a Pre and Post-Natal Yoga Certification through The Integral Yoga Institute and an IM=X Pilates Certification.  Lori started teaching fitness professionally while earning her bachelors degree in music from East Carolina University.  After graduation, she moved to New York City
to pursue a career in music.  “Part of the joy of performing on stage is making
people feel good.” Lori found she received a lot of that same positive feedback
while working with people through exercise and the medicine of laughter. 
Lori has worked with clients in their homes, in gyms and in upscale spas and

About Lori Corda…

hotels.  In 2009, Lori and her family traded in their city shoes for a more tranquil existence in the foothills of western North Carolina.  A month after moving, she opened up her own private studio, appropriately christened, The Tree House.
The Tree House Yoga Studio...
is a gem nestled in the peaceful foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Columbus, North Carolina.
Each season brings a new view from the private yoga studio:  Winter opens up the eyes to the
neighboring pasture with a little white barn, horses grazing and the nearby mountains.  In Spring
and Summer we are enveloped in a canopy of green leaves creating a natural sanctuary with the
accompaniment of birds singing and water flowing.  In Fall, before the trees surrender their leaves,
we are witness to warm golds, bright yellows and vibrant reds that only this time of year brings.
Practice Yoga on YOUR Schedule!!!  Now offering Live Streaming and On-Demand Online Classes for $10  Visit our website or email Lori for details about classes offered and how to sign up!

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